28 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

As Chinese state-owned enterprises make a splash overseas, they sometimes cause a flood of red ink back homehttp://lnkd.in/feVYa5

28 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Global Cleantech Investment? EU Falling from Peak, US in Valley, China Scaling Heightshttp://tiny.ly/Ud8e

27 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

U.S.-China clean energy coop kicked off with high expectations. What have the ups and downs been? http://bit.ly/fAvWVF

27 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

China’s support of North Korea grounded in centuries of conflicthttp://bit.ly/gJq5GN #cnn

26 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

PE in China (as % of GDP) only 0.27 % versus 0.61 % in India, 1.42 % in US and 1.06 % in the UK. So says Carlylehttp://bit.ly/gaI8ZD

26 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Time to rethink your idea of first contacts between Asia, the Americas and Europe. Genes tell a story. time.com/time/world/art…via @TIME

26 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Beijing Consensus? The Japan Model 2.0? Mother of the Four Dragons? Bretton Woods freeloader? Who knows? http://bit.ly/h699lZ

24 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Which US states benefit most from solar power? – No surprise – sunny states not in the NE. Photovoltaics World electroiq.com/index/display/…

24 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

US & China collaborate on low-energy buildings – US-China CERC at LBNL shares focus on bldg efficiency w Philly GPIC ecoseed.org/en/energy-effi…

24 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Where better than Philly for surveying the vicissitudes of centuries of East/West yin/yang? Niall Ferguson reprise: http://bit.ly/gcgWIz

23 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

GoogleHistory view of the East/West Great Game of Centuries – Niall Ferguson at WSJ.comIn China’s Orbit http://on.wsj.com/aXRGgb

23 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

For you battery geeks out there: Energy Storage Crucial Step for Renewable Electricity – electroiq.com/index/display/… via @AddThis

23 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Will China grow old before it grows rich? Today’s 10 workers supporting each senior citizen set to fall to only ‘2.5 workers per’ by 2050.

23 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

GPIC Innovation Hub for Bldg Efficiency now on Twitter, FB & RSS. Go to www.gpichub.org

22 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

SlideShare upload on Cleantech & Clean Energy in Greater China (from Going Global Asia, Temple Univ SBDC, 11-5-10) http://slidesha.re/aCbFCv

8 Nov mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Insider insight on Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster as energy efficiency breakthrough — http://blog.mcclureco.com/?p=593

29 Sep mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Knowledge@Wharton on IT merging of computer compatriots “Ch-iwan” http://bit.ly/8YqUFy

2 Sep mterrycooke Terry Cooke

18 months after reset of US-China climate change cooperation, the two need to get in step on the global dancefloor http://bit.ly/b3hIso

1 Sep mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Philly houses US research hub for energy efficient bldgs. Buildings now consume 40% of energy consumed in U.Shttp://lnkd.in/K3-STW

31 Aug mterrycooke Terry Cooke

The Philadelphia region snagged a $122 million Energy Innovation Hub grant yesterday: Here are a couple of reasons http://lnkd.in/ST5WQt

26 Aug mterrycooke Terry Cooke

PlanetShifter Networks’ Interview on China, Pollution and the 11th Five Year Plan at http://www.planetshifter.com/node/1580

21 May mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Radio interview on significance of increased Chinese voting share at World Bank – Listen at http://terrycooke.com/videolinks.aspx

26 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Investment, Technology & Policy Trends in China’s Cleantech Market – PPS from NY Cleantech Investor Forum 2010http://slidesha.re/bTJzZF

25 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Hope to see you at the New York Cleantech Investment Forum 2010. Will be talking on China cleantech market. http://bit.ly/cXNvGf

15 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Philly to host May conference eyeing link betw environmental & economic unsustainability in U.S./China relations –http://bit.ly/aNcria

14 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

The U.S. & China have two left feet in the dance of global sustainability. Let’s put our best foot forward.  http://bit.ly/aB82BV

6 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

PRC’s RMB. Common sense over passion. Multilateralism over bilateralismhttp://bit.ly/aIRPn9

5 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

China: from Sandstorms to a Low-carbon Economy: http://bit.ly/ceuos2 via @addthis

4 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Backfilling, here’s link to my earlier February newsletter on US-China clean energy — also policy, investment & tech http://bit.ly/a393id

1 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

My March newsletter on U.S.-China clean energy issues — policy, investment, technology. Pls see http://bit.ly/cMp1Yk .

1 Apr mterrycooke Terry Cooke

If you read just one article about China this week, make sure it’s this one — http://bit.ly/acqESd

30 Mar mterrycooke Terry Cooke

A take on U.S. & China fm astute Time Mag piece on 21st c. trends: Not G2, not ‘Chimerica’ but worth reading at @timehttp://bit.ly/bLhGTC

13 Mar mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Follow US & China sustainability challenges — environ & econ — at Facebook Group U.S., China & Sustainability: Forum for Global Citizens

7 Mar mterrycooke Terry Cooke

Here’s what I’m up to in WashDC heat & humidity this summer – Cooke’s WWICS Project: http://bit.ly/cT4d3n